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NHK integrates eFF for P2 loudness compliance

Kevin Hilton 29 May 2013
NHK integrates eFF for P2 loudness compliance

Japanese public broadcaster NHK has installed a file-based loudness management system for its tapeless production chain. The Emotion Systems eFF ( Emotion File Finish) program is used to make NHK’s archive of programmes on P2 cards compliant with loudness regulations. NHK evaluated a standard eFF program using a range of file formats, running the software with Japanese language menus. The broadcaster contacted Emotion Systems through equipment dealer Kondo Broadcast with proposals for a customised version that would work on its library of Panasonic P2 cards in faster than real time while also integrating with its specialist workflow. Emotion Systems began working on this project in October 2012. Chief executive MC Patel explains that the P2 file structure contains MXF (Material eXchange Format) Op Atom files: "This allows a single wrapper to contain a number of video and audio files, with a size limit on any one file of 4GB. To provide accurate loudness correction and compliance for a long form programme, therefore, the software had to be capable of opening all the files within a wrapper and work with them, integrating the result across all files." As eFF had already been adapted to integrate over multiple files the technique was extended to work with P2, a feature that was demonstrated in December last year. From then Emotion Systems, NHK and Kondo Broadcast worked on general workflow issues, including speed, ingest and replacing the audio in the original file with a corrected version, rather than generating a copy. The customised version of eFF, with a Japanese language user interface, went into full operation this month. "Despite, the comprehensive nature of eFF, it has always been part of Emotion Systems’ ethos to be able to undertake bespoke integration work as each broadcasters’ workflows and requirements are likely to be different," Patel says.

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