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NEXT-proaudio introduces new LAs418 subwoofer

Sarah Sharples 1 February 2017
NEXT-proaudio introduces new LAs418 subwoofer

NEXT-proaudio has added to its subwoofer options with the LAs418 2x4ohm – a new version of the current subwoofer LAs418.

Housing two long excursion and very high power 18″ drivers, this subwoofer has been designed to offer ultra-low frequencies at a very high SPL delivering magnificent precision and punch at incredible pressure levels.

The cabinet volume with optimised port tuning featuring extremely high peak-to peak excursion capability, is capable to deliver true sub performance down to 24Hz at -10dB.

Providing low frequency resolution and a maximum SPL of 143.8dB in a 94kg, front loaded, bass reflex enclosure, the new subwoofer version incorporates 8 handles and rigging system.

Housed within a multi-laminate birch plywood enclosure and finished in textured black semi-matte coating, the LAs418 2x4ohm can be deployed in either standard or cardioid configuration using the parallel wired Neutrik NL4 conector on the front of the subwoofer.

The new LAs418 2x4ohm has been designed to be driven by Powersoft X series (X4 or X8). This new version presents an increase of 4dB of SPL when is driven by the Powersoft X Line amplifier while compared with MA6000 driving the normal version, the LAs418.

Both X4 and X8 from Powersoft can provide 5200W per channel at 2ohm, in addition to a DSP-controlled Switch Mode with Power Factor Correction (PFC) reducing harmonics and improving the efficiency, driving effortlessly 2-ohm loads. The X Series natively supports AES3, analogue inputs and two optional Audinate Dante digital streams, providing up to four different selectable input sources per channel.

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