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Nexo to preview new GEO M6 series at Prolight + Sound

Erica Basnicki 29 January 2014
Nexo to preview new GEO M6 series at Prolight + Sound

Nexo will be previewing its new GEO M6 compact loudspeaker series At Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt this March.   The GEO M6 extends beyond Nexo’s traditional live music design, towards the corporate AV sector and a wide range of fixed installation opportunities where speech reinforcement is the primary requirement.

Pictured above is Mathieu Pobeda, the project leader for the new GEO M6 Series.   The GEO M6 Series is, at launch, comprised of the GEO M620 arrayable cabinet and the GEO M6B bass extension.

The GEO M620 is a full-range unit for stand-alone, curved array or line array application. Extremely compact in size (191 x 373 x 260 mm) and lightweight (less than 10 kgs), the GEO M620 uses a Nexo-designed long-excursion high-efficiency 6.5” LF driver and 1x 1″ throat driver on a BEA/FEA optimized HR Wavesource, to deliver a frequency response of 80 Hz – 19 kHz ±3dB, with nominal peak SPL of 127dB.

The GEO M6B is a low and mid-frequency extension box, for applications which demand more powerful reinforcement, such as live music. With one 6.5″ 8-ohm long-excursion driver, the M6B weighs just 7.6kgs and shares the same physical footprint as the M620, allowing the cabinets to be arrayed together in the same column.

Nexo sales director Denis Baudier says, “The GEO M6 Series delivers many benefits to a rental house, making inventory super-versatile and adaptable to different assignments.

However, the design of this product also offers maximum potential in the permanent installation environment – whether it is a pair of M620s wall-mounted in a dynamic retail space, or 12 line-arrayed cabinets in a house of worship, the Series has the aesthetic and performance characteristics to appeal to many different applications.”

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