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NEXO opens new facility near Paris

test 17 July 2007

FRANCE: Loudspeaker manufacturer NEXO has unveiled a new, purpose-built corporate headquarters in Plailly, situated a short distance away from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport. According to NEXO, the new facility – which will house all management and manufacturing operations – constitutes a reversal of the audio industry’s “widespread trend for off-shore manufacturing”, reports PSN-e.

NEXO – based in nearby Roissy for the last 27 years – began planning the new facility in 2004, with construction getting underway late the following year. The end-result is said to reflect a particular emphasis on “manufacturing process and quality control”.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time,” surmised NEXO director-general Denis Baudier. “With exceptional sales growth from the GEO D and S12 Series product launches during the latest 18 months, we desperately needed increased production capacity.”

The company adds that tri-directional expansion options are also integrated into NEXO’s new HQ design, ensuring that “continued growth can be easily implemented”.

Contact details for the new facility are as follows: NEXO SA, Parc d’Activit_ du Pr_ de la Dame Jeanne, B.P. 5, 60128 PLAILLY; tel: +33 (0)3 4499 0070.

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