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NEXO launches new UK dealer network

test 26 January 2010

UK: A host of major names have joined long-term partners Fuzion and SSE Audio Group to provide the NEXO brand in the UK. Following a recent change in its UK distribution model, NEXO’s new dealer network for this market includes – in addition to the aforementioned two companies – LMC Audio, Adlib Audio, Sysco AV, RG Jones, TG Baker, AC Lighting, Northern Light, Leisuretec, ETA Sound, Musicland, Whitwam and Batmink.

Rea Sound will continue to be the most prominent representative for NEXO in Ireland.

"This is a major expansion of NEXO’s presence in the UK and applies to the range of GEO tangent-array systems as well as our compact high SPL products like PS Series," said NEXO UK sales manager Gareth Collyer. "Any one of the new dealers will be able to call upon the new GEO S12 demo rig, which has just arrived in the UK."

Asked by PSN-e why now was the right time for such a major expansion of its dealer capacity, Collyer responded: "As a leading brand within the professional audio industry we felt it was important to work more closely with the market in the UK. This allows us to offer an increased level of support and commitment in terms of customer service and system design."



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