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Nexo GEO-S8 line array system for Netherlands college

test 11 December 2007

HOLLAND: The atrium of Friesland College in Leeuwarden has been equipped with a Nexo GEO-S8 line array system. The Atrium area, while used primarily as a lounge area, is also deployed for a variety of official events, presentations and receptions, reports PSN-e.

Specifying a suitable system was not without its challenges, as the Friesland College’s Olaf Postma explained: “The fact that the building consists of glass and steel has always been a problem when sound reinforcement is concerned, and therefore we opted for Avesis as system integrators and sound consultants to install an adequate system.”

Following a demo of the Nexo GEO-S8 system, Avesis was assigned to supply and install two flown clusters consisting of six Geo-S8 speaker units with an 80 x 5 degree dispersion angle, and two Geo-S830 down-fill speakers with an 80 x 30 degree angle.

“Given the difficult acoustic characteristics of the building, we have been able to offer a constant sound coverage and impressive speech intelligibility,” said Ren_ Van Dijk, system adviser with Avesis.

Other equipment installed in the Atrium included a Nexo NX242 digital controller, a Camco Vortex 6 amplifier, a Symetrix 760 Zone mix controller and rigging gear.


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