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New US subsidiary for Ultrasone

test 29 April 2008

GERMANY/US: Munich-based headphone manufacturer Ultrasone AG has announced the creation of a new subsidiary to cover the North American and South American markets. Ultrasone Inc – based in Southern California and reporting directly to Ultrasone AG – will be responsible for marketing, public relations, sales, distribution and accounting, writes David Davies.

Established in the early 1990s, Ultrasone AG has developed an extensive range of professional headphone products, many of which are based around its patented S-Logic technology, said to create “natural surround sound without the use of additional electronic devices”. The new US operation arrives at a time when the company is seeking to boost its customer support and further grow its business in the region.

“For the largest and most important music market in the world, Ultrasone AG [_] has decided to improve the presence and customer service by setting up its own subsidiary in the US. This is an important step for the company and it is a clear sign for our customers in the US,” Ultrasone AG CEO Michael Wilberg tells PSN-e. “We want to offer the best possible service for the best products in the market. We highly appreciate the awareness and the enthusiasm for our headphones, and we want to extend our business in the US. We strongly look forward to a great manufacturer-user relationship in the US market.”

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