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New UK dealership ‘reintroducing’ Lectrosonics

test 16 February 2010

UK: New sales/distribution company MTA Audio Ltd will focus initially on the reintroduction of Lectrosonics to the UK market, writes David Davies. Heading up the new venture – which is an adjunct of Australia-based sales/rental house MTA (Murray Tregonning & Associates) and will specialise in RF audio for broadcast, film and live work – are former Sennheiser/Harman sales & marketing executive Rob Piddington and long-time advertising/marketing consultant Paul Hodsman.

Described by Hodsman (pictured) as "the first significant post-recessionary dealership" to enter the UK market, MTA believes that the forthcoming spectrum changes mean this is an opportune time for the re-promotion of Lectrosonics wireless audio systems.

"As a result of the recession and the Ofcom situation, I would suspect that the market [for wireless products] can only grow from here on in," Hodsman tells PSN-e. "Lectrosonics has worked very hard to ensure RoHS compliance across much of the product range, and we expect particular success with the likes of the SMa super-miniature transmitter and the wireless IFB systems."

Film and broadcast facilities are among the areas of the UK market where Hodsman believes that the Lectrosonics brand can make significant headway. "Lectrosonics is a great name and it is MTA’s aim to provide a service that complements the quality of Lectrosonics’ products," he says, adding that MTA is currently talking with "several other brands".

Meanwhile, Lectrosonics’ VP of sales, Gordon Moore, concedes that Lectrosonics’ previous departure from Europe yielded "an outcry from users and dealers alike". But it is clear that he believes that, after a thorough review, the brand is now ready for a fresh push in the UK market.

"The plan for re-entry took some time to formulate and consisted of implementing lead-free manufacturing," he explains. "In addition, we knew that we wanted to take a different and better approach to marketing and sales, and we are now pleased to welcome MTA Audio to the team."



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