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New revelation from AMS Neve: the Genesys analogue console

test 9 October 2007

UK: AMS Neve debuted Genesys, a new hand-built expandable analogue recording console with digital workstation control, at this year_s AES exhibition, which came to an end in New York yesterday (October 8th). The console _ due to ship towards the end of this year _ is said by AMS Neve_s Frank Massam to represent _a new dawn for the Neve brand_, writes David Davies.

Genesys_ initial configuration includes 16 channels of mic/line preamps, 16-channel DAW monitoring, 16-channel analogue summing at mixdown, eight auxiliary buses, eight group buses, two main outputs, four effects returns, comprehensive metering, 5.1 monitoring, two cue mixes, talkback services and internal power supply. There is also DAW control for packages including Pro Tools, Logic and Nuendo.

The console can be expanded to over 60 channels in a straight or articulated frame, with options including motorised fader automation, recall, mastering-grade A-D and D-A converters, digitally controlled EQ and dynamics, and remote mic amp control.

_We are very excited about the launch of the Genesys console,_ Frank Massam, vice-president of business development at AMS Neve, tells PSN-e. _For many years Neve has designed and produced the world_s finest high-end analogue consoles, but this perfection has come at a price. Until now. The Genesys console represents an acknowledgement that there have been seismic changes in the way that music is recorded and that consoles now need to work the way that a new generation of mixers want to work. Whether you are a small project studio or a large fully professional facility, Genesys gives you what you need. With an initial configuration available for less than $50,000 and a well-defined, modular and affordable upgrade path to the most demanding formats, we think it will change the way the industry works._

Robin Porter, head of analogue design at AMS Neve, added: _Genesys is made to capture performances. It_s for people who want to record real, live musicians into their digital audio workstations with rich, full Neve analogue sound. It also serves as an excellent studio control surface with comprehensive monitoring and signal routing capabilities. This eliminates the typical hodge-podge of awkwardly interfaced devices, putting a proper console back at the heart of the studio._

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