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New products: October 2015

Jon Chapple 14 October 2015
Black Lion Audio B12A MkII 500

This month’s round-up of the hottest new products from October’s PSNEurope magazine


Black Lion Audio B12A MkII 500Black Lion Audio
B12A MkII 500

What is it?
A single-channel microphone preamp in the style of an API 312A.

Featuring a CineMag input transformer, Edcor output transformer and Hi-Z input, phantom power pad and phase, the B12A MkII 500 packs the same punch as its ½-rack cousin in a 500-series format/

And another thing…
Distributor Unity Audio says the pre is “the ideal companion to pillowy, fat sounds and will liven up a mix with an undeniable energy!”


uTrack-X-32_front 0019Cymatic Audio
uTrack X32

What is it?
A 32-channel recorder/player expansion card for Behringer X32 and Midas M32 digital mixing consoles.

The uTrack X32, which operates completely independently from the mixing desk, can digitally record 32 channels without the need for additional hardware or computers.

And another thing…
As well as being controlled from the console, the uTrack X32 can be operated using iOS or Android devices.


Sonnox Restore suite 64bitSonnox

What is it?
Sonnox’s Restore suite of plug-ins – Oxford DeNoiser, Oxford DeClicker and Oxford DeBuzzer – now in 64bit format.

Restore now supports RTAS, Audio Units, VST and AAX formats – the last of which will “make a lot of Pro Tools users happy”, says Sonnox senior sales and marketing manager Nathan Eames.

And another thing…
The Restore suite is available for a special introductory price of £299 until 31 October.


Waves Audio eMo D5 DynamicsWaves Audio
eMo D5 Dynamics

What is it?
Five Waves dynamics processors – Gate, Leveler, DeEsser, Compressor and Limiter – in one easy-to-use interface.

Using Waves’ ‘Parallel Detection’ technology, each of the five processors responds to the both the original signal and each of the other processed signals simultaneously.

And another thing…
With zero latency, low CPU consumption and “pure sound quality”, the company describes the eMo D5 as “a natural for both live and studio engineers”.

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