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New Harmony4 plugin released

test 1 July 2008

DENMARK: TC-Helicon has released a new version of its Harmony4 plug-in for Pro Tools HD, writes PSN-e. The new release is also set to work on the manufacturer’s own PowerCore platform and is, for the first time, Universal Binary compatible.

Famous for its VoicePro, VoiceLive, and VoiceWorks plug-ins, TC-Helicon is a well known plug-in developer with many engineers and producers already making use of its harmony algorithms. In Harmony4, up to four virtual singers can be created from a single track, each with their own gender and vibrato among other parameters. The plug-in also now includes a range of doubling presets including settings that emulate overdub sounds as well as octave doubling, while users can fatten existing harmony tracks and add new one-to-four part harmonies even after the singer has left the studio.

TC-Helicon has also paid careful attention to the plug-in’s UI, with several schemes available to simplify the choice of harmony, from an automatic scale-based design that intelligently follows melismatic singing, to MIDI note control.

The plugin is available as a free upgrade for existing users, while PowerCore users can purchase it at 599 euros versus 799 euros for Pro Toold HD users.

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