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New Hamburg-based OEM integration sales and consultancy company goes live

test 4 September 2007

GERMANY: Confertis AG is the name of a new OEM integration consultancy, implementation and sales company headquartered in Hamburg. The outfit – which went live on June 20th – is representing, among other products, DFM audio devices and the Room Tools acoustic measurement software, writes David Davies.

Most significantly, the launch of this new company has entailed the closure of DFM’s Hamburg branch, with all product marketing and sales responsibilities now transferred to Confertis. DFM’s product range encompasses audio devices for signal monitoring, processing and conversion, with specific products including the X1 modular AD/DA and format converter.

Confertis is also representing the Firbox Technology speaker processing brand – which is a joint venture between DFM, Ascendo and Confertis itself – and Room Tools, an Ascendo-developed range of measurement and analysis software for acoustics, sound reinforcement, permanent installation and studio applications. In addition, the company is also working with custom-tailored broadcast software solutions developer Hamburg Pro Audio.

Speaking to PSN-e, Confertis AG CEO Wilke Pfannkuch (pictured) stresses that the adoption of these new arrangements will have “no impact on the day-to-day business [of each brand]. The contact details are still the same.” Indeed, Pfannkuch himself – previously occupying the role of head of sales and marketing at DFM – will continue his existing duties on behalf of that brand.

While the company will be “concentrating on broadcast, sound reinforcement and studio technology,” Pfannkuch believes that Confertis’ dedicated OEM solutions focus could ultimately be applied to the consumer market as well. “I think that it will take two or three years until signal processing the way we are doing it is established in consumer speakers,” he says. “It will take time, but we are looking to expand in the consumer market.”


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