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New from CEDAR Audio: DNS 8 Live

Erica Basnicki 3 September 2012
New from CEDAR Audio: DNS 8 Live

CEDAR has designed a dialogue noise suppressor – the DNS 8 Live – specifically for the live sound and broadcast markets. The new DNS builds on the DNS1000, which designed for ‘off-line’ post-production studio use but which nevertheless found its way into many live to air situations, including “almost all the major newsrooms in the UK, and all Premier League football matches, for example” said CEDAR Audio’s managing director, Gordon Reid.   The new DNS 8 Live features eight simultaneous channels of dialogue noise suppression, a new DNS algorithm with a ‘two-knob’ setup and a detailed editing mode.   In addition, CEDAR has added a standard 4-pin 12VDC input, and a web-based remote control interface for laptops, iPads and other “perhaps as yet unseen devices.”   The DNS 8 Live will be launched at the IBC2012 Convention and will be available in September 2012.  

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