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New from Canford: One Ewe non rack-mounting

Erica Basnicki 1 April 2012
New from Canford: One Ewe non rack-mounting

This One Ewe non rack-mounting unit comes complete with head-end mounted, stereo, flared horns giving near perfect balance. The body is securely mounted on four shock-absorbing legs that work in conjunction with an internal feedback loop to ‘self level’ the unit. The One Ewe will remain stable at deployment angles of up to 42 degrees from horizontal. Legs are fitted with a calcium based, water resistant feet. Rack-mounting ears are available (sold as pairs), and are attached by means of heavy duty straps to avoid drilling the body. They may be engraved so individual stock items can be easily identified. Available in a range of colours, including fluorescent types, to allow colour matching to the body.   The pure new semi-matted textile coating is extremely hard wearing and will self- replenish annually. Extensive field studies have shown it is particularly well suited to harsh weather conditions (‘Arctic Grade’ versions are available to special order; minimum temperature guarantee may apply).   The coating should be treated regularly with cleaning solution 5hEE9-D1p.   Application notes: One Ewe may be worried if placed close to loud speakers and should always be well isolated from Aggressive Sounding – K9 woofers.   It is recommended that Canford SDV-L-SR Serial digital and analogue video cable, low loss, sheep resistant be used wherever One Ewes are present.   Technical Specifications:  Dimensions: 421-698mm (w) x 866-1480 (d) x 615-900m (h) x 320-488mm (inside leg) Harold ratio: 3/10 (Zatapathique scale, Python weighted) Sealing: Centre; IP67, Ends; variable Optical coverage, coating: Greater than 99% Colours: white, brown, turquoise, black Optional accessories: The +RAM upgrade will allow the regular production of ‘mini Ewe’ units. Note: ‘mini Ewes’ are initially supplied without stereo horns.   Application notes: Black version is a mono unit (sold singly). Once deployed the One Ewe – Black may become unstable and exhibit operational characteristics outside acceptable limits, in such circumstances it is recommended that it is immediately disconnected from the flock. Supplied complete with real-ale tasting notes. This is a partially-sealed unit, there are no customer serviceable parts inside. Rear connection should only be carried out by a qualified vet or certified AI practitioner. Importation, Safety in Use, Elfin Safety and Environmental Regulations may apply. If in any doubt whatsoever about applicable regulations, please obtain irrevocable approval certification from the appropriate authorities prior to ordering.   Ordering Note: Live-stock items (marked *) are bred to special order and may take up to 145 days to gestate.   Pricing information: Prices vary on a daily basis, and according to how well the grass is growing, state of the Pound and other factors. Typical pricing information can be found at Further useful background comment is available at

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