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New demo dates for Audient’s Zen

test 1 December 2009

BENELUX: The high-resolution mixing console will be featured in demonstrations at two Benelux locations, reports David Davies. The free-to-attend demos will take place at Maarten’s Sound & Vision (MSV) at Businesspark Friesland West 37 in the Netherlands on Monday December 14, and at DADA studios in Brussels on the following day.

The Netherlands session will begin at 2pm, with the Brussels event set to commence an hour later. Both sessions will be presented by Audient’s sales & marketing director, Luke Baldry, who tells PSN-e that "talking face to face and physically having the product to demonstrate is always the best way of catching people’s attention; however, with Zen it seems that seeing the console in the flesh really impresses in a way that is hard to get across on a web page. Once a customer hears the way it sounds and has the chance to delve into the depths of the features it offers, the desire to own Zen grows and grows. Without much thought it’s easy to consider what these features would cost if you bought them as separate items; 16 mic pres, a routing matrix, a comprehensive monitor section, summing mixer, buss compressor and moving faders."

Baldry goes on to describe the Zen as "much more than just a small summing mixer and this is what users pick up on when they have a chance to experience it first-hand."

Anyone wishing to attend the Netherlands demo on December 14 should contact or For the DADA studios event on December 15, email or

Directions for the events are available on the MSV and DADA websites (links below), respectively.


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