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New Danish-owned Miller & Kreisel: “Different company with same name”

test 14 August 2007

DENMARK: Loudspeaker brand Miller & Kreisel has been taken over by a new team headed up by Per Becher and Asger Bak, the latter a long-time M&K distributor. While the new owners – who purchased M&K’s intellectual property for $0.25m at a recent public auction – are keenly aware of the brand’s 30-plus-year heritage, there is a feeling that “a lot of professional users still need to be made aware of the product”, writes David Davies.

Miller & Kreisel began to gather cachet in the professional world after its products were utilised during the recording of Steely Dan’s 1974 album, Pretzel Logic. Thirty-three years later, the brand has a presence in post-production, broadcast and recording facilities worldwide.

Having been put under creditor jurisdiction in February, the brand was subject to a public auction in July that saw Becher and Bak take away M&K’s intellectual property (brand name, trademarks, websites, etc) for $0.25m. Stock-wise, however, the new team is starting from scratch.

While it has yet to be confirmed whether any previous members of the design team will join the new-look M&K, it is likely that a number of earlier models will be reintroduced – albeit with some changes.

Effectively, “it is a completely different company with the same name,” confirms Bak, who undertook a near-ten-year stint as Scandinavian/European distributor of M&K.

While indicating that the emphasis at first will be on a “smooth and completely transparent” transition for M&K distributors, dealers and owners, the future is likely to bring a significant expansion of the pro products offer. “The M&K professional product line will be expanded to be able to cater for any situation where a reliable monitoring system is required,” says Bak.

There is also a feeling that M&K has still not completely permeated the professional world. “A number of territories around the world have seen only the consumer end of the M&K brand,” says Bak. “Traditionally, M&K has had a very strong presence in the consumer areas, whereas a lot of professional users still need to be made aware of the product.”

Considering the new team’s modus operandi, Per Becher noted that he and Bak are taking “an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach in our efforts to revitalise the popular and acclaimed Miller & Kreisel product line.”

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