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New courses from ACM and Metropolis Studios planned for 2015

Erica Basnicki 7 July 2014
New courses from ACM and Metropolis Studios planned for 2015

ACM, The Academy of Contemporary Music and Metropolis Studios are due to launch two new Music Industry Qualification (IQ) courses to run from the Chiswick-based studios from January 2015.

These latest educational offerings are a continuation of a music industry and education partnership between ACM and Metropolis Studios, announced in September 2013.

The two confirmed IQ courses in Contemporary Songwriting & Artist Development and Music Production will run over an intensive 26-week period, allowing students to gain practical music industry skills from ACM’s acclaimed music faculty, and learn from the Metropolis’ Grammy Award winning music production team.

“We are elated to throw open the doors of Metropolis to a new generation of budding music professionals,” says Ian Brenchley, CEO, Metropolis Studios. “It gives us great pride to be able to pass on over 25 years of cutting edge experience at the forefront of the music production end of the business. Together with ACM we believe we have an incredibly compelling formula to equip students for the music industry far above what any educational course has been able to deliver to date.”

ACM’s Music Production Course has been designed to provide students with intensive and practical training, offering a progressive study path and leading to a potential vocation within the music industry.

Music Production students will have access to ACM@Metropolis’ facilities, including the MIT suite, recording studios at Metropolis and further studios as well as networking opportunities at ACM’s Guildford campus.

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