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New CEO, co-owner for DPA

David Davies 7 October 2010

A member of DPA Microphones’ board of directors for the last four years, Christian Poulsen has also been working as an external consultant at DPA for the last 10 months. According to chairman of the board Erik Holst, he has built up valuable knowledge of the company during this time.
A graduate of the Danish Engineering Academy, Poulsen founded digital camera and scanner company Imacon in 1995. Imacon became the fastest-growing industrial company in Denmark in 1999 and 2000, before merging in 2004 with Hasselblad and moving to transform the Swedish photography specialist into a fully digital camera operation.

”I look forward to the challenges and possibilities that DPA faces in the global marketplace over the coming years,” said Poulsen. “DPA Microphones has a long tradition of making the best sounding, most innovative and elegant microphones on the market, and we will continue to build on that heritage. We are looking to a future filled with many new products, technologies and activities that will take DPA to the next level.
“I am confident my skills in managing high tech companies, together with my experience in manufacturing and selling advanced products globally for a creative user group, will be of great help to DPA in the future.”

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