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Neutrik against counterfeiting

test 10 June 2008

GERMANY/US: Neutrik has announced a new initiative to guarantee product authenticity, writes PSN-e. The connector, receptacle, jack and plug manufacturer will henceforth identify its products with a unique hologram of the Neutrik name and logo that assures customers they are using “original and legitimate” equipment. In addition, the company will also include an authenticity seal on its individual and carton packaging.

The new initiative is only one aspect of continuing anti-counterfeiting action by Neutrik. Most notably, the company is marking all shipments on both the individual packing and carton packages with the message ‘designed and manufactured for the US market’ in a bid to avoid unauthorised exports from the US to Europe. Neutrik is asking customers outside the US who come across these products to inform them immediately so that appropriate action can be taken.

“Neutrik is committed to protecting its brand and reputation. Our new signature hologram will ensure that our customers receive a genuine Neutrik product,” commented Jim Cowan, president of Neutrik USA.

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