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NAMM: Sonarworks launches speaker calibration software

Murray Stassen 24 January 2014
NAMM: Sonarworks launches speaker calibration software

The venture capitalist backed audio technology startup has launched its studio speaker calibration software, which will be showcased at NAMM 2014.
  Developed by Sonarwork’s research and development team, the software calibrates speakers based on perceived acoustic power, the closest comparison to how sound is perceived by the human ear.  

  The new software automatically detects the best microphone location, by calculating the room’s acoustic properties to ensure the best sound results.   Sonarworks CEO, Martin Popelis said: “Our first product is a speaker calibration software for recording studios, however, we see a future where Sonarworks technology will create a number of products bringing the joy of quality sound to music and video enthusiasts.”

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