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Musinaut launches ‘breakthrough’ technology

test 30 September 2008

HOLLAND: MXP4 is an interactive digital multimedia audio file platform designed for music creators and listeners, writes David Davies. Intended to allow digital music to be “more expressive, interactive, adaptive and surprising,” the new technology includes the MXP4Creator editing software program, which enables professional and amateur musicians to create a single file containing different arrangements or ‘skins’.

Examples provided of the new technology’s versatility include the potential for a rock band to add acoustic, dub and a cappella flavours of its latest single. The various takes can be contained within one interactive MXP4 file, with arrangements to be played back depending on the rules determined by the artist. Multimedia content including text, artwork and lyrics can also be added to the file.

For the listener, the free-to-download MXP4 Player enables selection of a skin to suit his or her mood, or an ‘auto mode’ that lets the technology make the choice.

Electro-pop artist/songwriter Margaux is among a number of performers, producers and DJs to have beta-tested MXP4Creator during the last few months. “MXP4 technology is such a powerful format and a breath of fresh air for the digital music industry,” she said. “It’s given me the freedom to go beyond musical boundaries and opens up an endless amount of new possibilities. As an artist, songwriting was becoming formulaic and boring, but using MXP4 technology I can now be surprised by my own music.”

Musinaut CEO Trish Thomson (pictured) tells PSN-e that the technology will be developed further in the future. “This is the first phase of technology [that] will be improved and expanded greatly,” she says. “For the record industry, including the big labels, it will enable them to give consumers more choices with added value content. For music fans, it will provide us with new and exciting ways [_] to consume music. MXP4 technology is an essential tool which underpins a whole new era of how we listen to music. You will hear some very exciting announcements in the upcoming months which will truly demonstrate the power of MXP4 Technology.”

The launch version of MXP4Player and MXP4Creator is both PC- and Mac-compatible, and can be downloaded now from the MXP4 website (link below).


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