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Mr. Bonzai dissects the music business

test 10 March 2009

US: Memorably named ‘studio insider’ Mr. Bonzai has published a revealing new book, writes David Davies. Drawn from 25 years of interviews with such luminaries as George Martin, Phil Ramone, Tom Petty and Brian Wilson, Music Smarts: The Inside Truth and Road-Tested Wisdom from the Brightest Minds in the Music Business is available now from Berklee Press.

Introduced by Graham Nash, Music Smarts features hundreds of quotations from artists, producers and other industry figures. Influences, heroes, integrity and issues relating to performance are among the subjects covered in the book, which was edited by Mix magazine creator David Schwarz.

kd lang, David Foster and Carlos Santana are among the other interviewees in a book that also incorporates a visual ‘who’s who’ of the music business.

According to Devo founder member and soundtrack composer Mark Mothersbaugh, “no book has come closer to the reality of a musician’s life. Actually, it’s almost embarrassing!”

Priced at $14.99, Music Smarts can be ordered now through the Berklee Press website (link below).


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