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MPG to teach industry about broadcast WAV

Murray Stassen 29 May 2014
MPG to teach industry about broadcast WAV

The Music Producers Guild (MPG) has launched a dedicated online resource to help generate awareness about the Broadcast WAV file format.

Alchemy Mastering’s Barry Grint, who heads up the MPG’s Mastering Group which has been pushing the Broadcast WAV initiative, says: “We now have a dedicated online resource, as part of the MPG’s new website, which provides all sorts of information about ISRC and Broadcast WAV, including a listing of all the software that complies with this initiative.”

The organisation has been heavily involved in promoting Broadcast WAV as the best means of embedding ISRC data into future recordings. Music industry organisations such as AIM and BPI are now working with the MPG to encourage the music industry to adopt Broadcast WAV as the de facto file standard.

Grint adds: “Having everything available in one place is really great because it makes it much easier for mastering engineers, record companies and other recording professionals to research the issue and find out all they need to know to incorporate Broadcast Wav into their own operations.”

The MPG’s campaign aims to get Broadcast WAV accepted by the music industry in place of ordinary WAV files, which don’t contain a method for embedding ISRC information.

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