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MPG introduces new membership categories, subs charges

test 27 October 2009

UK: As of October 19, there are now just two categories of membership – Full and Associate, writes PSN-e. The Music Producers Guild (UK) has restructured its membership categories in order for them to "more accurately reflect the nature of the Guild’s membership".

In order to ensure a smooth transition, all existing members are now Associate Members. Those who are eligible are being encouraged to move to Full Membership as a soon as possible, and a "generous" upgrade path is being provided for a limited amount of time.

MPG director Mick Glossop (pictured) observed that "major changes" have taken place with regard to both the Guild and the UK music industry it serves. "By restructuring our membership system we can more accurately reflect the needs of those members who are working professionals, but without losing sight of those who are still developing their careers," he added.

Full Membership is open to anyone whose principal professional activity is an involvement in the production of recorded music for commercial release. Full Members will be required to demonstrate their professional status by providing commercial credits. As only full members are entitled to select the shortlists for the Music Producers Guild Awards, the Guild is encouraging all those who are eligible to become Full members.

Fees for this category will now be _120 per year, but this will entitle full members to specific benefits such as access to the Full Members-only sections of the MPG website, entry in the Members’ Directory, free entry to Music Producers Guild events, and "substantial" discounts on Music Producers Guild Awards tickets.

Associate Membership will cost _55 per year and is open to anyone involved in music production, but where this is not their principal professional activity. Associate Members will be able to purchase two "add-on" options – entry in the Members Directory and/or an Music Producers Guild Events ‘season ticket’, which provides free entry to Guild events that would otherwise require an entrance fee.

Glossop commented: "We believe that these new categories and subscription charges represent a much a fairer deal for all our members. We do want to encourage all those who are eligible to upgrade to Full Membership as soon as possible because the legitimacy and integrity of our Awards depends upon having the greatest possible number of voting members. The discounts and incentives we are offering should make upgrading an attractive proposition, but the onus is on our members to get on line quickly and take full advantage of these because they are time critical."

For more details, visit the MPG website.

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