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MPG announces new Voting Member category

test 2 September 2008

UK: The MPG (UK) has announced changes to its membership categories ahead of its first awards event, writes PSN-e. Designed “to ensure the integrity of its voting procedures for these and subsequent awards”, the reform entails the introduction of the new Voting Member category, which is set guarantee that MPG Award nominations are qualified and short-listed by UK-resident professional recording practitioners.

Existing and future MPG members who would like to have an input in the voting process can now apply to become Voting Members. To qualify, they must be UK residents and have six credits for production, engineering or mixing on commercially released tracks, either on single or multiple CDs, vinyl or cassette albums, EPs and singles, or DVDs; these tracks must have been commercially available via traditional outlets. Alternatively, the would-be Voting Member can have 12 credits for production, engineering or mixing on commercially released tracks or two full-length CD releases that are available via digital download from recognised online music retail sites.

For full details of Voting Member qualification criteria, including subscription fee information, please consult the MPG website (link below).

“We have introduced this new category because we feel it is vital to the success of our awards that our voting procedures are seen to be fair and transparent,” said MPG chairman Mike Howlett (pictured). “The nomination process will be completely open – anyone, including non-MPG members, can nominate themselves or anyone else for a particular award. Once we have received all nominations and verified their eligibility, we want to ensure that the short-list of three nominees per category is drawn up by professionals who understand the recording process and are therefore qualified to make accurate and informed decisions.”

The three nominees short-listed in each category will be judged by the MPG’s official judging panels, which will comprise producers, engineers, artists, artist managers, A&R representatives, music journalists, radio presenters and other music industry experts.

The MPG Awards event is scheduled to take place in London in February. The nomination process will be carried out online, and is expected to open at the start of October.

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