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Mo Sound News team bristling with enthusiasm

Dave Robinson 4 November 2013
Mo Sound News team bristling with enthusiasm

PSNEurope’s participation in this month’s Movember campaign has made a clean(-shaven) start but things are expected to get hairy, we can report.

The Mo-Sound-News team dynamic has quickly gathered mo-mentum, with fresh(-faced) additions swelling the ranks to a total of 12 Mo Bros.

Intent Media’s Richard Carr (TVBEurope), Aaron Petrie (Intent online content) and Rich Orr (Installation) have all signed up, as have industry journalist Jim Evans and Quested director Guy Lewis. TC Group’s Mark Flanagan came on-board shortly after he was gratuitously taunted in last week’s online story.
“Here we, um, mo, then,” says PSNEurope editor and Mo-Sound-News team captain Dave Robinson. “It’s only Day Five of Movember today but, already, I can see there are going to be some creatively crafted – no, let’s call that potentially embarrassing – moustaches emerging in the weeks ahead.”

The picture, above, was taken on Monday lunchtime, and shows the nine Mo Bros based at the Intent Media London office.

“PA hire giant Delta Sound has asked via Twitter if there are any sound engineers participating in #Movember. We’d certainly like to echo that request for info – in fact, we’d like tales of anyone and everyone in the wider pro-audio business who is doing their bit to promote awareness and raise cash for men’s health issues,” says Mobinson. Er, Robinson.

Just today, the BBC has reported on the development of a potentially revolutionary prostrate cancer aggression test.

To donate to Team Mo-Sound-News, or to sign up and be a fellow Mo Bro (or Sista!), look no further…

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