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MIPRO monitoring for Glass Anatomy – The Musical

Erica Basnicki 7 October 2013
MIPRO monitoring for Glass Anatomy – The Musical

MIPRO’s In-Ear Monitor system has been chosen for The Toy Factory Productions’ Glass Anatomy – The Musical, adapted from the classic 1983 Taiwanese film Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing?   Singapore-based hire company Audio Image Engineering provided all the MIPRO IEMs, including MIPRO’s Digital Rack-mountable Stationary Transmitter, Wireless Digital Portable Receivers, and Antenna Amplifier.   Audio Image Engineering’s Bob Wong commented: "For this musical, we use about 60 UHF frequencies. Four MI-808R IEMs were used by the string musicians, who had to walk from the audience area to the stage about 30 metres apart. Seven IEMs were used by the lead singers. One MTS-100T and 11 sets of MTG-100R were used for the ensemble of backup singers. The MIPRO IEMs and MTG-100 systems work very well and are problem free, delivering clear, crisp sound with no dropout or transmission loss.”   In total, Audio Image Engineering provided 12 MI-808T Stereo Transmitters; 12 MI-808R Stereo Bodypack Receivers with E-8P Ear canal design Earphones, one MTS-100T Digital Rackmountable Stationary Transmitter, 11 MTG-100R Digital Portable Receiver and four sets of AD-90a UHF Wideband High Power Antenna Amplifier.   As the RF coverage for the IEMs extended to musicians seated in the audience area about 12 metres away from the 25m-deep stage Wong was a bit apprehensive about intermodulation RF problems that may arise, but his worries were unwarranted. There was no interference problem or signal dropouts throughout the musical for all 13 performances at the Esplanade Theatre in Singapore.

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