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Middle East OB debut for Midas digital

David Davies 26 January 2011

Dubai-based Se7en Productions’ new HD vehicle is the first OB truck in the Middle East to be equipped with a Midas digital console – specifically, a PRO6.

Supplied by Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises (NMK), exclusive distributor of Midas and Klark Teknik products in the UAE, the set-up will be deployed for major sports events, live performances and national celebrations across the region.

The PRO6 (pictured here with Se7en Productions’ Pierre Tabet) can support 5.1 mixes out of the box and enables engineers to have their own mix at a concert rather than relying on the FOH mix.

NMK’s marketing manager, Richie Hiranandani, elaborated on the benefits of the Midas system: “The cabling required for power and processing is minimal, making it a beautifully compact and flexible system, while retaining the signature preamps and quality Midas sound made famous by analogue consoles such as the XL4 and Heritage 3000.”

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