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Midas-fest at T in the Park

test 5 August 2008

UK: EFX Audio deployed four Midas consoles at the Scottish festival’s Radio 1/NME stage, reports PSN-e. Two XL8 Live Performance Systems were used at FOH, while a pair of Heritage 3000s were situated in the monitor position. In addition, main stage headliner REM also brought in a pair of XL8s, supplied by Rat Sound, along with a Klark Teknik DN9696 hard disc recorder. Britannia Row provided the main stage with two H3000s for FOH, while Kings of Leon brought in its own XL4.

EFX’s XL8s were used by more than 90% of engineers working on the Radio 1/NME stage, among them Shan Hira, sound engineer for the Chemical Brothers. “As a long-time XL4 user it was nice that the desk felt like a Midas and the metering was the same,” he said. “I found the desk quick to get around compared with other digital desks, and liked the fact that the panpots were always the panpots, etc, so I didn’t get lost in layers like on some digital desks. Even though it was my first gig on an XL8, I was pretty much able to do my normal show.”

The use of XL8’s AES50 network enabled digital distribution throughout the system, from mic input to amplifier input. The various matrix outputs to the PA system were fed into the relevant loudspeaker processors at FOH. The outputs from these were fed back into the network and then additional DL451 I/O boxes on stage fed the amp racks.

All inputs from stage were replicated on both XL8 systems at FOH, allowing the next band’s engineer to use the current band’s input signals to dial in basic mic gains and settings. This also allowed them to experiment with the dynamics, EQ and effects to get a feel for how the console sounded.

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