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MicroPro returns to market with SLR

test 6 March 2007

UK: Sound Leisure Retail (SLR) has secured a general licence from NXT to manufacture the MicroPro flat panel loudspeaker. MicroPro was previously produced by Fane Acoustics, which went into administration in January prior to the acquisition of its assets and brand name by Precision Devices, writes David Davies.

The flat construction of the 20W Micro Pro and its stylish metal grille, no more than the size of an A4 sheet of paper, allow it to be used in visually sensitive circumstances. “Exceptionally even” coverage is said to be another of Micro Pro’s greatest assets, thanks to the low rate at which the apparent loudness of a flat-panel loudspeaker drops off with distance. Suitable applications include retail outlets, restaurants, schools and houses of worship.

Speaking to PSN-e, SLR’s Gary Orrell says that the acquisition of the MicroPro licence was a logical step for a company that already has the capacity to “turn windows into loudspeakers, and so on. We’ve got all the parts we need, which means we’ll be able to go into production very soon.”

In the longer term, it’s also likely that SLR will seek the rights to manufacture sister product the MiniPro. “We have already had several enquiries about that. We’re looking to see if we can manufacture that more viably than Fane did.”

Orrell – whose extensive industry experience includes three years heading up NXT’s commercial professional division worldwide and, previous to that, a long spell at Wharfedale – says that the move into flat panel loudspeakers is symbolic of a company that “in terms of sound and audio, wants to be different. We don’t want to just copy the ‘me too’ loudspeaker boxes_ we try to be innovative in what we do.”

SLR is a division of Sound Leisure, whose core business remains the manufacture of jukeboxes.


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