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Meyer Sound Constellation installed in Danish bank

Murray Stassen 19 May 2014
Meyer Sound Constellation installed in Danish bank

The headquarters of Denmark’s Jyske Bank has had a Meyer Sound Constellation system installed for board meetings, presentations, and conferencing,

Director of communications technology at Jyske Bank Steen Mertz, says: “Our goal was to optimize the space and improve communications within the bank, as well as with international business partners during video conferences. With the adaptability and surprisingly natural acoustical qualities of Constellation, we have achieved this goal to a remarkable degree.”

The Constellation system has four pre-sets customised for the bank’s range of business uses, which include presentation mode, Debate mode, Conference Table mode and Small Groups mode.

“We’ve already had compliments from other companies we work with,” asserts Mertz. “They say it’s very easy to hear what everyone in the room is saying, and this is mainly due to Constellation.”

Anders Jørgensen is the project manager of Stouenborg, the Copenhagen-based integration specialist that assisted with the installation of the system.

Jørgensen explains that the Constellation system avoids the communication problems that individual tabletop microphones present in conference applications. “With tabletop mics, if you look up and down or side to side, the level changes,” says Jørgensen.

“But with Constellation you can turn in any direction, even stand up and move around, and everyone in the room still hears you clearly.”

The Constellation system consists of 36 MM-4XPD and 22 MM-4XP self-powered loudspeakers, two UP-4XP 48 V loudspeakers, four Stella-8C installation loudspeakers, eight MM-10XP 48 V subwoofers and 25 discreetly mounted miniature condenser microphones. A D-Mitri digital audio platform running on Constellation’s patented VRAS acoustical algorithm is at the core of the system.

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