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Meyer’s MILO array harnesses Iggy’s ‘Raw Power’

test 27 March 2007

MACEDONIA: The main hall at the recent Taksirat Festival in Skopje featured a specification of Meyer Sound MILO curvilinear array loudspeakers. Supplied by KLS Light and Sound, the MILO system was utilised by acts including Kultur Shock and the resurgent Iggy Pop and the Stooges, reports PSN-e.

The specification deployed for the Stooges at the Skopje Fair hall comprised seven MILO cabinets, one MILO 120 expanded coverage array loudspeaker, and four 700-HP subwoofers groundstacked beneath the arrays on each side, supplemented by two CQ-1 wide coverage main loudspeakers for frontfill.

The specification was optimised by KLS, with input from Meyer Sound’s K_roly Moln_r, using a SIM 3 audio analyser. The team also made use of the MAPP Online Pro software to ensure even coverage throughout the venue, which was recently the subject of an acoustical treatment.

“When we first heard MILO, we immediately realised that it would fulfil all of our requirements,” said Petar Georgiesvski, general manager of KLS, which recently added four more MILO cabinets and two 700-HP subs to its rental inventory. “We were thrilled because the system has all of the power we need, yet it sounds so hi-fi.”

The Taksirat Festival also saw KLS’ first use of its newly-purchased Meyer Galileo loudspeaker management system. “[It has] really helped us with tuning the system, controlling the sidefills, infills and everything else,” noted KLS’ Dorian Jovanovic. “Before, we had to go through several devices to get us to the same place that the Galileo can get us with one box.”

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