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Meyer M’elodie for historic Berlin theatre

test 3 March 2009

GERMANY: A Meyer Sound M’elodie line array system has been installed at the Friedrichstadtpalast, reports PSN-e. Situated just beyond the position where Checkpoint Charlie used to be, the Friedrichstadtpalast theatre is said to possess the largest indoor stage in the world at 2,542 square metres.

The theatre had previously used other Meyer Sound equipment prior to installing the M’elodie system. Having gone through an extensive tendering process for the latest fit-out, the technical team opted to install a system based around Meyer’s M’elodie line array loudspeaker, CQ-1 and CQ-2 loudspeakers, and the MM-4 miniature loudspeaker.

The central line array comprises eight M’elodie loudspeakers, supported by three 700-HP subwoofers. The left and right hangs each consist of ten M’elodie loudspeakers, also underpinned by three 700-HP subwoofers on each side. A centre-left and a centre-right hang, used for orchestral performances, each incorporate six M’elodie loudspeakers.

System management comes from Meyer Sound’s loudspeaker management system with three of the six-input, 16-output Galileo 616 processors. The Galileo can be remotely controlled with a wireless PC running the Compass control software.

Technical director Franz-Josef M_nzebrock commented: “Our intention is to increase the number of visiting productions using our sound system over the next year, making full use of the obvious advantages of yet another of our Meyer Sound purchases – a SIM 3 audio analyzer. Once an engineer has used Meyer Sound, they never forget.”

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