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Metropolis equips new surround mastering room with PMC monitors

test 3 July 2007

UK: A new 40sqm surround mastering room at the Metropolis Group’s studio complex in Chiswick, London, features a specification including PMC large-scale high definition surround monitors. Other equipment installed in the facility includes a Maselec desk and Prism converters, reports PSN-e.

As PMC notes, “such a large room afforded large monitoring”, resulting in the specification of free standing BB5 XBD Active units as the front L, C, R, with MB2 XBD Active units as the rears; both model types are in the vertical tower configuration.

According to PMC, the BB5 XBD Active’s capacity for accurate 16Hz performance sees one channel being folded back into the main monitors, avoiding complications in sub placement and integration. Other design features include separation of the Bryston-built active electronics into their individual channels and their placement directly next to each monitor.

Among the other equipment to be installed in the new Metropolis facility is a Maselec MTC6 desk, a new Maselec multiband compressor, Prism ADA-8s and Sontec EQs.

“We have decided to capitalise on our position as the leading surround music and mastering facility, and adding this resource to our portfolio can only strengthen our position,” said Crispin Murray, technology development manager at Metropolis. “Our commitment to detail can be seen throughout, and PMC is proof of this commitment.”


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