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McDSP introduces new application for iPhone

test 14 July 2009

US: Retro Recorder by McDSP offers the opportunity to "put some fun back into audio recording", writes David Davies. The interface is designed to make recording easy on any iPhone, with the use of patent-pending ALX (Audio Level eXtension) technology claimed to improve recording quality beyond the capability of hand-held recorders costing many times more.

Recorded files can be exported individually or in batches. Exported files may then be downloaded to a PC or Mac, using a Wi-Fi network. The application supports iPhone and second generation iPod Touch, although an external microphone is needed to use Retro Recorder on the latter device. Operating system-wise, the application requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later, and is compatible with iPhone OS 3.0.

McDSP CEO Colin McDowell tells PSN-e: "McDSP’s Retro Recorder iPhone application uses new patent-pending technology called Audio Level eXtension (ALX) to dramatically enhance the audio quality of recordings captured using the iPhone internal mic or external third party mic. Retro Recorder’s highly stylised user interface is full of useful features to make recording, playing and exporting audio easy and effective. Retro Recorder is enhanced mobile recording – with style!!"

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