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MC_ to launch new integrated amplifier range

test 5 August 2008

UK: The Ti Series of network audio components will be highlighted at PLASA and introduced in Q4, reports David Davies. Intended for use in CobraNet and/or EtherSound systems, the Ti Series is the first fruit of the collaboration between the research and development teams of MC² and XTA following their merger in March 2007. The new product series is said to provide “a complete solution to the audio integrator who wants to combine remote monitoring, configuration and control.”

The Ti Network Bridge allows control, monitoring and audio to be distributed by either CobraNet or EtherSound via the Ti Network Break-out Box. The Ti Network Bridge and Breakout Boxes come in either 8- or 16-channel versions. The 16-channel version is fitted with Phoenix Eurostyle connects, while the 8-channel version can be fitted with either Phoenix Eurostyle or standard XLR connectors.

The core Ti models include five power amplifiers: Ti 1000 (500W per ch. into 4 ohms), Ti 1500 (750W per ch. into 4 ohms), Ti 2000 (1000W per ch. into 4 ohms), Ti 3500 (1750W per ch. into 4 ohms) and the Ti 4-250 (4 x 250W per ch. into 4 ohms). All amplifiers include remote level, mute, standby and load/status monitoring. With a dynamic range in excess of 112 dB, the Ti Bridge and Breakout also feature GPIO ports, which can be arranged in any assortment of ways to meet each specific application, allowing for ‘stand alone’ reporting of fault conditions or simple remote control of local level.

A ‘locate’ facility allows amplifiers and other Ti components to be easily identified and addressed on the network, with the ID being set automatically using a unique serial number IC built into each device. In conjunction with one of the Ti Breakout devices, the system can take care of itself, with the Breakout checking all the connected amplifiers and reporting any problems through the network and/or via a local warning mechanism (logic output and/or user assignable relay).

In development for over a year, the Ti Series was the direct result of customers requesting an intelligent amplifier solution. “We had not been able to offer our products where there was a requirement for network control or remote monitoring, but I am delighted to say that we will be able to in future. The initial response from some of our distributors has been very, very encouraging,” MC²/XTA’s sales & marketing director, Bill Woods, tells PSN-e.

Meanwhile, despite the worsening economic conditions throughout Europe, Woods says that MC²/XTA’s business is remaining “very buoyant. We’re fortunate to have a very strong order book; I think it’s the advantage of being involved so deeply in the fixed installation market, where contracts are awarded a long way ahead of time.”

The Ti Series will be introduced in Q4, and will be shown at the PLASA Show next month. Woods reveals that MC² is also planning to make a further addition to its E Series in the form of the E90, a Class D 2U amplifier offering 4.5kw per channel into a 4ohm load.


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