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MC2 Audio S Series

Nigel Lord 17 October 2012
MC2 Audio S Series

What is it? A pair of high-powered amplifiers designed for any application where transparency and reliability are key requirements.   Details The S Series currently comprises two models – S800 and S1400 – capable of delivering 1.55kW and 1.8kW (respectively) into 2 ohms. Both models can be operated in bridge mode (via rear-panel switch), raising output power to 3.1kW and 3.6kW (respectively) and can also accommodate 4 and 8 ohm speaker loads. S Series amplifiers utilise complementary A-B, bipolar output stages combined with MC2 Audio’s current-driven, floating drive stage and analogue level controls for minimal signal degradation.   Side-chain limiters are incorporated to prevent distortion and speaker damage but remain out-of-circuit until the onset of clipping and so do not compromise the signal path under normal working conditions. The design also includes full DC, thermal and short-circuit protection plus a “high fidelity” shielded, toroidal power supply combined with intelligently-controlled, low-noise cooling fans to maintain optimum operating conditions. The frequency response of S Series amplifiers is quoted at 20Hz – 20kHz (+/- 0.05dB) and THD at <0.03% across the frequency range.   And another thing… Housed in a 2U rack-mount cabinet, the S Series S800 model weighs 20.5kg rising to 23.3kg for the S1400 model.  

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