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Martin Audio solution for ‘hybrid’ London venue

test 30 June 2009

UK: The installation at The Driver – located in the Kings Cross development area – was carried out by Systems Etc, reports David Davies. The multi-purpose site – which is operated by Billy Reilly of Pacha London fame – has been equipped with more than 50 Martin Audio AQ series full-range speakers and subwoofers, with system optimisation courtesy of five of the manufacturer’s Engineer 818 DSPs.

This is said to represent the largest single application of these recently-launched devices in the world so far.

High input capacity, routing flexibility and a tailored gain structure were among the requirements which had to be taken into consideration by Systems Etc’s Bernard Mani, who observed that in this regard the Engineer 818 “will be a very useful tool. We have 78 feeds running to the control rack in the basement so this is the perfect solution – every zone can be fed from every floor.”

Loudspeaker-wise, the venue has been equipped throughout with multiples of AQ10 and AQ8 units, augmented by floor mounted AQ210 or AQ212 subs to complement the venue’s dance commitments. Other Martin Audio equipment in use includes C4.8T ceiling speakers in the toilets and C115s in the Moroccan-themed roof garden.

Previously a traditional pub known as The Cross, The Driver now sports multi-purpose dance, party and restaurant spaces, along with a Members’ Lounge and corporate facilities, among other areas. Many artefacts from the old venue have been retained, including the Waltzer chair pictured here.

In other recent Systems Etc/Martin Audio news, the installer recently fitted prestigious West End venue No. 5 Cavendish Square with an extensive specification of Martin Audio AQ and Blackline+ systems. The upstairs front bar is served by four AQ8s and a floor-mounted AQ212 sub, while the adjacent room features four AQ10s and an AQ215. Downstairs, the VIP bar has been equipped with four Blackline F10+s and a custom black AQ215. A further pair of F10+s have been positioned over the main bar prior to the nearby dance area, in which area four more F10+s have been complemented with a WS218X. The six-zone system is overseen by a pair of Martin Audio Engineer 818 DSPs.

Surveying his recent installation projects involving Martin Audio equipment, Mani tells PSN-e that the manufacturer offers “a nice selection of products in all different sizes that allow you to create a very suitable, bespoke system. They have got an answer for every problem, every scenario, and the products are very installer-friendly.”

With regard to the AQ series, Mani highlights the versatility of the “elegant-looking boxes. It’s a nice-sounding product and the colour it comes in is suitable for blending into the background of both premises.”


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