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Marathon live performance charity effort

David Davies 3 May 2010
Marathon live performance charity effort

Suresh Joachim has attempted to surpass the existing Guinness World Record for the longest keyboard performance. At the time of writing, the epic performance – in which the veteran fund-raiser aimed to play more than 1,500 songs in 120-plus hours at Toronto’s Malvern Town Centre – was still in progress.


Joachim’s latest record attempt seeks to surpass Romuald Koperski’s previous title-holding performance of 103 hours, 8 seconds.


The epic set – which is raising funds for Rouge Valley Health System Foundation to support the purchase of new medical equipment and major expansion projects – is certainly not the first record-breaking endeavour by Joachim. In fact, he has broken a remarkable 60-plus World Records in his time, including World’s Fastest Movie (script to screening in 11 days, 23 hours and 45 minutes) and Longest Non-Stop Musical Performance with Band (42 hours).


Future feats are set to include the World Peace Marathon in 2011/2012, during which Joachim hopes to raise 1 billion dollars for charity, and Most Roles Played By an Actor in One Film (35 characters all played by Joachim himself).


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