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Manowar still ‘louder than hell’

test 12 August 2008

UK: Once recognised as the world’s loudest band, Manowar has been using Meyer Sound equipment, writes PSN-e. The US heavy metal quartet played the Magic Circle Festival in Bad Arolsen, Germany, using a Meyer Sound MILO loudspeaker system supplied by Westfalen Sound GmbH, which is part of technical communication and event support network The POOL Group.

Manowar – whose recordings include, appropriately enough, the 1986 single ‘Blow Your Speakers’ and 1996 album Louder Than Hell – specifies a minimum unweighted SPL of 126dB at FOH position. Having achieved levels in excess of 139dB through Westfalen Sound’s Meyer Sound MILO system during soundcheck at Magic Circle, the band went on to perform a characteristically explosive three-hour set.

“In spite of these exceptional levels, the sound was virtually free of any distortion,” said Westfalen Sound’s Dick Maron. “After the systems arrived back at Westfalen Sound, we checked them and found that none suffered even the slightest damage. I think that speaks for itself.”

The system utilised by Manowar comprised a total of 32 MILO and two MILO 120 line array loudspeakers, with massive low-end provided by 64 700-HP subwoofers. Twelve M’elodie line array units covered front-fill, while three CQ-1s handled centre- and out-fill.


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