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Major new London venue receives Ecler system

test 30 June 2009

UK: The sound installation at Leicester Square Theatre was designed and specified by Total Audio’s Peter Knowles, reports David Davies. The fit-out in the 390-capacity main auditorium centred upon the AMBIT series of discreet architecture cabinets from Spanish manufacturer Ecler, which is distributed in the UK by MilTec (UK).

Devised to satisfy a variety of applications, the system comprises four Ecler UMA112 single 12″ horn-driven cabinets and two UMA118 single 18″ subwoofers at FOH, powered by a combination of DPA1000 and DPA1400 DSP-enabled amplifiers. Two delay stacks feature ten Ecler AMBIT 106 loudspeakers, controlled by Ecler AMIC software and powered by MPA-R series multi-channel amplifiers.

Elsewhere, the smaller, 50-capacity performance system features an Ecler system comprising Dacord 208H speakers, a single MPA series multi-channel amplifier, a Compact 8 rack mixer and an EDRIVE600 DSP audio processor.

According to Knowles, “the Ecler solution, as ever, was a great success. The products are so well thought-out and the specification, particularly of the AMBIT range, with the audio processor included within the cabinet, makes a very-cost effective solution when you need to programme a lot of zones.”

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