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Major acts adopting new interactive music technology

test 28 July 2009

UK: Legendary dance act Basement Jaxx is using MXP4’s interactive single widget to showcase its latest single, ‘Raindrops’, writes David Davies. MXP4 interactive single is described as an "evolution from the music-only MP3 file" and allows the incorporation of remixable singles, multiple track versions and text in a single music file.

MXP4 was launched in 2008 (see PSN-e’s coverage here), since when the company behind it has dropped the use of the original commercial solution name, Musinaut, and adopted MXP4 for all of its communication.

Basement Jaxx fans can visit the band’s website (first link below) to use MXP4’s REMIX IT module and play with remixes of ‘Raindrops’.

Dave Stewart, Lily Allen and La Roux are among the other artists currently making use of this interactive technology.

Speaking to PSN-e, MXP4 CEO Albin Serviant acknowledged the importance of "early adopters" like Basement Jaxx, and highlighted the technology’s relevance to those engaged in music promotion, advertising agencies, streaming services and media portals.

"The technology can be licensed to media portals, to advertising agencies and also those in music promotion who are looking to provide something interactive and playful for the consumer," explains Serviant.

Among other applications, Serviant thinks that MXP4 will be especially popular with record labels seeking content to add to premium album download packages.

"Most of the time the premium packages outsell the classic ones, so labels are looking for innovative interactive content that allows engagement with the consumer," he says.



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