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Mackie updates VLZ, SRM and studio monitor ranges

Erica Basnicki 31 July 2013
Mackie updates VLZ, SRM and studio monitor ranges

Mackie launched its new VLZ4 line of analogue compact mixers, an extension of the SRM powered loudspeaker series and a redesign of the MRmk3 studio monitors today.   The eight new VLZ4 mixers directly replace the previous VLZ3 generation models, released in 2007. The new series includes Mackie’s Onyx mic preamplifiers, which the company says offers a notable performance improvement over previous generations.   “Just check out the wealth of amazing reviews and customer testimonials. Our Onyx preamps have proven they can go toe-to-toe with any boutique preamp out there,” said Matt Redmon, Mackie product manager, adding that a solid steel wraparound chassis and grime-resistant sealed rotary pots ensure that VLZ4 mixers can handle the punishment of touring.   “From beer spills to drops from moving vehicles…we’ve seen it all,” said Redmon. “We have literally run them over with a truck and they still passed signal.”   The extension to Mackie’s SRM powered loudspeaker line includes three 1600W models: the 12-inch SRM550, 15-inch SRM650 and the 18-inch RM1850 powered subwoofer.   The range features Mackie High Definition Audio Processing including patented acoustic correction and system optimisation tools like application-specific speaker modes.   Finally, Mackie’s MRmk3 line not only replaces the previous generation of monitors with the MR5mk3 and MR8mk3, but expands the range with the 6.5” MR6mk3 full-range monitor and MR10Smk3 studio subwoofer.   The range includes a newly-designed minimum-diffraction waveguide and custom-matched amplifiers and transducers.

Pictured is the 32-fader VLZ4 – the largest of the desk range.

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