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Mackie mixer features iPad control

Jo Ruddock 22 March 2012
Mackie mixer features iPad control

New from Mackie, the DL1608 is said to combine the power of a full-featured digital mixer with the ease of an iPad.

Features include Onyx mic preamps and Cirrus Logic 24-bit A-D/D-A converters. The ultra low noise, high headroom design, six aux sends for monitor mixes and master L/R output for mains are cited as further benefits.

In addition to this, wired to wireless iPad control enables users to mix from anywhere in a venue. The mix can be recorded to the iPad for instant sharing; it is also possible to integrate music from any app into the mix. Up to 10 iPads can be used simulatneously, with the PadLock feature providing added secuity for permanent installs by locking down the devices.

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