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Lunchbox format locked on by Safe Sound

Paul Watson 22 February 2011
Lunchbox format locked on by Safe Sound

The new unit’s stereo buss compressor is based on Safe Sound’s ‘dynamic tracking’ circuitry, and its stereo width control combined with its mid/side processing allows for more tonal shaping than conventional stereo, especially with mid and side audio processing becoming more commonplace in the post production environment as well as live location stereo recording. It can process audio in L/R or mid/side; and accepts balanced L/R stereo audio, delivering balanced L/R stereo audio outputs at levels up to +28dBu. It has two separate sets of controls for threshold, ratio and attack, which allows for stereo, dual mono, or mid/side compression; and features a sweepable high-pass filter. All rotary controls feature 41 position detented potentiometers fitted with metal control knobs. The new Stereo Toolbox is available now at £799 plus VAT from KMR audio in the UK. Canadian company Radial Engineering Ltd. has also announced a free developer’s guide to building 500 series rack modules: The Workhorse Open Source Document (WHOS-Doc – pictured). Radial’s president Peter Janis says he was astonished to discover there was no standard for 500 series modules, so gathered all the information possible to bring it together in a single document. “The WHOS-Doc not only provides the module maker with mechanical files, but also delves into electrical limitations, grounding issues to watch for, and directions on how to take advantage of the extra features we have built in,” Janis explains. “This will not only make it easier and more enjoyable for the end user, but will open the door to greater creative options for everyone involved.” The WHOS-Doc is available free of charge by sending an email to the following address and requesting it:

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