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Lord Haw Haw’s mic to be auctioned

test 1 September 2009

UK/GERMANY: William Joyce (pictured) wrote and delivered Nazi propaganda after leaving England for Germany shortly before the start of WWII, reports PSN-e. Born in the US to an Irish father and English mother, William Joyce – known as Lord Haw Haw – broadcast Nazi propaganda throughout the war years, regularly urging Britons to surrender.

A key figure within the British Union of Fascists before his flight to Germany, Joyce did not waiver in his commitment to extreme right-wing politics. He was captured shortly after the Nazis’ defeat in 1945 and returned to England, where he was hanged for high treason in January 1946.

In the closing stages of the war, Allied troops raided a Hamburg studio used by Joyce and recovered a microphone that he had used for his broadcasts. Having languished in a British soldier’s loft for more than 60 years, the microphone in question – a Neumann fixture with a CMV3 body and M7 capsule ("the first condenser capable of being manufactured in great numbers," according to Neumann literature) – is to be auctioned by Bosleys in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, on September 2.

The microphone – which is still in its original case – will be sold alongside various papers and newspaper cuttings sent to Joyce by his wife. The items are expected to sell for up to _4,000.

(Thanks to Hugh Robjohns for help with this story)



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