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Listen Technologies releasing extensive range of new FM products

test 8 May 2007

GERMANY: A new line of FM products designed to accommodate assistive listening and/or language interpretation has been developed by Listen Technologies. The product series is said to be suited to use in settings including houses of worship, theatres, boardrooms and meeting facilities, reports PSN-e.

The new products include a Stationary Transmitter (LT-800-863), a Portable Transmitter (LT-700-863 – pictured) and two Display Receivers (LR-400-863 and LR-500-863). Features of the FM line include a frequency range of 863-865 MHz, 17 channels, transmission range of up to 300m with the Stationary Transmitter, and certification for use in all European channels.

In addition to the aforementioned applications, the products are also said to be ideal for tour group communication at factories, museums, historic buildings, outdoor excursions and training sessions.

Russell Gentner, president of Listen Technologies, commented: “Listen has had good success in the assistive listening, tour group and language interpretation markets in the North American markets and can now offer a compliment to our existing products to meet the auditory needs of our European customers. We are pleased to continue our mission of delivering a personalised, enriching auditory experience in any setting.”

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