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Linton Smeeton returns to RCF

test 12 January 2010

UK: A founding director between 1990 and 2000, Linton Smeeton has rejoined RCF to work within the UK sales organisation, reports PSN-e. Ten years on from his previous tenure with the company, Smeeton (pictured) will concentrate primarily on RCF’s Commercial Audio Division.

"It’s great to be returning to RCF," said Smeeton. "The brand has grown so strong over the past decade and I’m really looking forward to being part of it."

"We are all looking forward to having Linton back on board with us; with his experience in the audio market he’ll be a great addition to the team," added RCF’s Phil Price. "During 2010 RCF will be introducing some major new products and systems to the Commercial Audio Catalogue, which will allow us to grow our UK network of Solution Providers. Linton will be concentrating particularly in these markets."

With regard to these new product developments, a spokesperson tells PSN-e that install will be one of the "focal points" for RCF’s development strategies in 2010. "The company plans to release the VSA 2050 multi-amplified vertical steerable array, which represents one of the latest RCF applications in terms of digital audio technology," the spokesperson adds. "Thanks to powerful DSPs it processes the audio signal sent to each of the 20 speakers included for controlling its vertical dispersion. It is the ideal column speaker for the indoor installations where the critical acoustic environment is an issue and where moderate visual impact is required. The VSA 2050 also meets all the requirements for Voice Alarm applications."



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