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‘Let’s Talk Piracy’, urges IMSTA

test 3 November 2009

CANADA: The International Music Software Trade Association is seeking to identify trends in attitudes towards the use of pirated software, reports PSN-e. The 2009 ‘Let’s Talk Piracy’ survey – which will be active until December 31 – follows a 2008 edition that prompted more than 3,700 responses from 83 countries.

IMSTA aims to reduce the demand for pirated music software through campaigns that are designed to raise awareness and change user behaviour. The 2009 survey is being promoted with the assistance of IMSTA member companies, who are also donating prizes that will be given to ten winners.

Those wishing to take part in the 2009 survey are invited to visit the IMSTA website (link below).

According to IMSTA’s executive director, Paul Fattahi (pictured), “the annual survey is one of IMSTA’s most valuable pieces of research. Survey participants can choose to remain anonymous, so we feel that the responses give an accurate picture of people’s views. We’re hoping that the 2009 survey will attract a large number of new participants, but we’d also strongly encourage 2008 participants to come back and revisit the questions. It may be that their views on certain issues have changed over the course of a year and this is just the kind of information we’d like to have.”

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