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Les Paul to receive MPG Joe Meek award

test 1 December 2009

UK: The late electric guitar and multi-tracking pioneer is to receive the MPG (UK) 2010 Joe Meek Award for Innovation in Production, writes PSN-e. An inventor and virtuoso guitarist who continued to perform live well into his ’90s, Les Paul passed away in August at the age of 94.

Arguably his greatest achievement was the development of the first solid-body electric guitar – an innovation that would have a profound and enduring influence on both popular music and music technology. He also did much to usher in the era of multi-tracking through a series of eight-track recordings made in his garage with a self-developed machine that was eventually adopted for commercial production by Ampex.

The Joe Meek Award for Innovation in Production will be presented during the 2010 Music Producers Guild (UK) Awards, which are set to take place at the Cafe de Paris on February 11.

"This award, more than any other, recognises the originality and experimentation of the producer," said MPG chairman Steve Levine. "The ability of a great producer to push the boundaries is often imitated thereafter, resulting in the contemporary recording techniques that many musicians now take for granted. In the case of Les Paul, his innovations changed the course of 20th century popular music and it is safe to say that rock and roll as we know it would not have existed without him."

Tickets for the 2010 MPG Awards are now on sale, priced (exc VAT) at _80 (balcony standing) and _105 (balcony seated). For MPG members and those taking advantage of currently available ‘early bird’ discount, prices (exc VAT) are _60 (balcony standing) and _85 (balcony seated). Tickets can be reserved by telephoning +44 (0)207 287 4655, emailing, or visiting the MPG website (link below).



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